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Dog Grooming Should be a Pleasure for You and Your Dog

K9 Dog Grooming Leighton Buzzard

When you take your dog to be groomed at Leighton K9 Grooming we like to ensure it is a pleasurable experience for both your dog and you.

We know that some dogs can be a little nervous the first time with all the new sights and smells when they are groomed for the first time by a new groomer.
Other breeds are prone to being very excitable and take time to settle, that's why we take extra special care on your first appointment to get to know what both you and your dog like.
That way both your dog and yourself have a relaxing time. You will be relaxed leaving your dog with us and your dog will be calm when you return.
Leighton K9 Grooming Relaxing for Both You and Your Dog 
You want to be sure that you have made the right choice. You will want to know that your dog will be well cared for so we will be proud to show you around to help you decide to choose Leighton K9 Grooming to groom your dog
We will be happy to talk you through exactly what we do, and following 23 years of dog grooming experience, why we do it.
If it is your dog's first visit we will invest extra time to get to know them.
We all know how new sights, new sounds and especially new smells can all
distract our canine friends.
Typical dog grooming sessions at K9 last approximately for one and a half hours. Plenty of time for your to pop into the coffee shop for a cuppa and a bite to eat, stock up with your pet supplies, visit the aquatic centre on site or go into Leighton Buzzard to do the weekly shop, a mere 5 minutes down the road.
In certain circumstances it is possible for you to stay with your dog whilst it is being groomed.
Loyal Customers Travel 20 Miles to Leighton K9 Grooming

As you would expect Leighton K9 Grooming Centre has a strong reputation within Leighton Buzzard for the obvious care and attention it provides when grooming.

However, what is a little more surprising is that many loyal customers bring their dogs over 20 miles to be groomed at Leighton K9 Grooming.

So if you live in the following areas Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Flitwick, Luton, Dunstable or Heath & Reach then you may want to have your dog groomed at Leighton K9 Grooming.

Peace of Mind Dog Grooming
You will be pleased to know that Leighton K9 Grooming is fully insured with Public Liability Insurance.